Police and Military Working Dogs Helping Retired Veterans

Retired Police and Military Working Dogs Continue to help their human counterparts even after the service.

Police and Military Working Dogs Helping Transitioned Veterans: Interview with US Army combat veteran and business founder, J. Gabriel Ruiz on his non-for-profit “K9 Warriors, Inc.”. K9 Warriors, Inc. pairs highly trained police and military working dogs and re-purposes their skills to aid veterans deal with a variety of conditions. This is a great episode on K-9 warriors continuing to serve their human counterparts. A memorable interview for me. Do not miss this one!

About Juan "JP" Perez (12 Articles)
Known simply as "JP" while in the "teams", Juan is a decorated U.S. Army Special Forces veteran and current IT company C-Suite executive. Inquisitive, insightful, and with a passion for continued growth and learning, JP continues to serve the 1st Special Forces Regiment brotherhood by mentoring retiring veterans - particularly, special operators - in tried-and-tested military-to-civilian transitioning techniques. During his years in special operations, JP worked closely with senior leadership of allied countries in the accomplishment of difficult multi-lateral efforts. Extensive experience working in U.S. embassies in Paraguay, Mexico and Colombia enhanced his ability to work across various professional cultures to achieve unified objectives.

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