AFG Jan 2006 Mtns



To transfer my transition knowledge and experience to you – the Patriotic Veteran – so that you too may enjoy an increased quality of life when you depart the military.

My Story:

After spending years engaged in conflict, applying the delicate craft of special warfare across the full spectrum of operations around the globe, my special operations career came to an end. I suddenly realized that I was about to make the most important transition of my life.

With a wife and two small children in tow, I felt the tremendous weight of responsibility for their lives and future. How was I going to provide for them? Was I going to land in a dead-end job where I would find myself forever missing the unique camaraderie (“brotherhood”) of my days in the teams? Was I going to be able to provide for my family in a way that would enhance our current quality of life, or were our happy days over?

On a depressing and dreary day of constant rain, I sat at my home office pondering these doubts. Then, I looked down at my desk and saw my Green Beret. “I’ve been trained to go half-way around the world and solve someone else’s ‘unsolvable’ problems”, I thought to myself. With that, I picked up a dry erase marker and began to draw out a detailed plan across the white board in the office. I reached back into my training and my experience and created a transition plan that encompassed psychological operations (influencing actions and perception), civil affairs (networking and building “exploitable relationships”), and direct action operations (getting out there and interacting with industry leaders).

My plan worked. I walked out of the Army and right into a C-Suite office. I was personally recruited by the company CEO. It has been an enjoyable and challenging experience. In the process I have met many influencers and thought leaders who have transformed my life and educated me in the finer points of business and entrepreneurship. Now, I will pass this experience on to you.



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